Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Decorated Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniature Box

I’ve been using a lot of Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniatures (from Home Bargains £1.09 – 20 chocolates in a box) for Halloween and Christmas projects, but until last night, had never thought of decorating a full box ……
Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniatures - Decorated Box
I took off the box sleeve and carefully undid it, then drew round it onto a piece of patterned paper and cut it out.  Next, I carefully stuck the paper onto the sleeve with double sided tape, using my stylus to go over the creases.  After that it was plain sailing as I put the sleeve together again
Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniatures Chipboard Flower from The Range
To decorate, I’ve used a band of contrasting paper and brown ribbon to go round the box and a chipboard flower I got from The Range a while back (a pack of five for 99p), plus a bit of my signature faux stitching!!!!
 Cadbury Miniature's Decorated Box
As my sister would say, “You have too much time on your hands”
Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniatures Decorated Box 4