Sunday, 21 December 2014

Gingerbread Inchie Pendant Trays

These gingerbread pendants just need to be threaded with a narrow piece of red ribbon, and perhaps a bead and they will be ready to hang on the tree
They measure one inch square, with a background made up of a white glitter and snow patterned papers.
The puffy, slightly metallic, gingerbread man stickers came from Hobbycraft last year, this year sadly their Christmas stickers have been pants  ….. in fact I just haven’t bought any from them!
Once the gingerbread men were in position I flooded the pendant with Anita’s 3D, clear, glossy dimensional finish, which, when set,  the gingerbread man stand everso slightly proud, but with a seamless finish, giving an almost enamelled effect.
I am hoping that next year someone pulls their fingers out sticker wise, however I think I am going to start looking farther a field for my supplies in the coming year, most probably to China ….. you may have to wait an extra week or two for them to arrive, but you just can’t compare choice and prices ….. and I get to work with something different, that perhaps other people may not have.