Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Halloween Trick or Treat Sweetie Bags

Halloween trick or Treat bags
I’ll be honest, there’s nothing really that new about this idea, they are just basic sweetie bags with a Nestabilities Label die cut topper but with a slightly different take on using jelly beans and a chance to use the new bubble stickers I’ve found  this year.
Halloween Treat Favour Bags
Both the stickers and jelly beans are from Poundworld.  There was a good variety of different sticker packs and I think I got one of each, some were scary and some were cute.
Halloween Favor Treat Bags Spiders Eggs
Wearing disposable plastic gloves I sorted the jelly beans into colours and then looked at the stickers to work out a theme for each colour ….. so the green ones became spiders eggs …..
Halloween Treat Favor Bag Bat Poop
……. the black ones became bat poop …
Halloween Treat Favor Bags Dracula Blood Capsules
…… the red, Dracula Blood Capsules .. and so on.
halloween Favour Treat Bag Witches Brew Beans
On the back of each topper I wrote “Dare you eat one?”
Trick or Treat sweetie bags favors
And as I had a few spare black beans I added one to some of the packets to give the (warped illusion) that one could have gone off!
Halloween Treat Favour bags Ghastly Ghost Globs
With just a bit of imagination you can come up with all sorts of awful names!  From two bags of beans I made nine bags, which is pretty good going!