Monday, 19 November 2018

Wooooo Hoooooo Hoooooo Marc’s Coming To Stay ……..

Exciting, exciting news ……. Marc is coming to stay for a loooooooong state visit type weekend,  flouncing in just before Christmas when The Towers will be in full festive mode ……. I have already put up the fairy lights up in both our bedroom windows!  It’s so exciting I think we are both counting off the days.

The freezer is full of vegetarian delicacies and cola purchased by the gallon. I do have a little vodka, but we are both being very good so that may remain unopened and that’s no bad thing, but the Malteser boxes are stacked up high imploring to be eaten!

No doubt we will visit the antique centres and charity shops of Evesham, we may even take a trip to Crafters Companion at The Valley if Marc is up for it. If we don’t actually have time to do any crafting we will certainly be bouncing ideas off each other like world champion ping pong players.  I need to tidy up my craft drawers, as Marc has already indicated that he plans to through rifle them. He hasn’t seen my new cupboards so he’ll be like a kid in a sweet shop.  And, in the evenings we will be watching as much crap as we can …… including a lot of YouTube Poundshop shopping reviews and crafts ……… what are we like.

As you know Marc is the master of camera avoidance, but whatever we get up to I promise to take pictures, if only of Marc’s hands!  Christmas is coming early this year …… Happy Days!

Merry And Bright Christmas Cards

These cards measure 7ins x 5ins and are made using a white linen effect, hand cut blank.
Well, that’s the majority of my Christmas cards made in one fell swoop, usually I do a whole pile of one offs to help keep the posts going on the blog, but this year I decided to sit down and make a concerted effort to get a job lot done in one day.
I can now take my time making a few extra more individual cards happy in the knowledge that if life with those delicious babies gets in the way there is no panic, everything is already taken care of.
I started off by making a centre panel for the card blanks by simply sticking four strips of festive patterned paper along it.
I don’t think any card is the same, using almost all of the 15cmx 15cms paper pads I had from The Works. There are a few strips left over which can be cut into squares to make a few patchwork cards …… if I have the time.
Each centre was then matted on silver mirror card and then a thick red paper.
My intention all along was to die cut the Merry and Bright sentiment using dies I already had, but aghhhhhhh, they were just too small and fiddly and you know how impatient I am, I was finding that I was having to extradite the paper from the die with a pin to get it out ……. I don’t blooming think so!
In the end it was quicker to print them off in Publisher using Script MT Bold font in size 36. I printed them out in a dark grey colour which looked less harsh than black.  The sentiments were then cut out and matted in exactly the same way as the centre panels.
Clear flat back stars and tiny gems finish each card.  The compulsion to faux stitch the cards to an inch of their lives was so mahoooooooosive you wouldn’t believe, but so far I have resisted.  I may try doing one, just to get it out of my system while telling myself less is more!