Sunday, 8 November 2009

Mince Pies and Robins Christmas Card

Mince Pies & Robins
I’m not 100% about this card.  The robins and mince pies are leftovers from a packet of Forever Friends 3D embellishments, bought in WH Smith Craft sale for £1.49. I would never have paid the full price, astronomical! It would have been cheaper to go out and buy a Forever Friends card ready made, than make one)
Robins and Mince Pies
I have used a centre square pattern again, mat and layering on scraps of a faded blue gingham paper.
Forever Friends
I think perhaps I should have cut a slightly smaller card blank.  Not sure about the corner pieces either, something is missing, but whatever I put there makes it look over embellished. Hmmmmmm
Anyway, it will go into my card box and I will see if it goes.