Thursday, 7 October 2010

Decorated Cadbury Miniatures using Accessorize Christmas Stickers

Accessorize Stickers Snowmen
I made these quickly last night (before The Apprentice!!!!) just to see how the snowmen stickers would look on Cadbury Dairy Milk Miniatures.
Accessorize Christmas Stickers Accessorize Snowman Stickers
Everyone knows how much I love Accessorize stickers ….. and after their brilliant Halloween range I was anticipating very great things ……. Well, yesterday I heard that the Christmas ones had hit the shops, so my lovely sister was hastily sent on “a mission” ………….. but I am so disappointed ………… and hoping that there has been a huge mix up at the distribution centre and that the “real” stickers will soon appear in the shops!
The snowmen are the same as last year! And, I wasn’t that keen on them then.  As for the laser effect stickers – I’m not impressed, the gingerbread man is especially awful as is the snowman. My heart sank when I saw them ….. my sister got me two packs of each, and I will use them all, but I don’t think I will buying anymore. (£1.75 per pack)
Next port of call for my sister was Paperchase, where she got me one pack each of their two Christmas designs ….. (£1)
Paperchase Christmas StickersPaperchase Puffy Christmas stickers 
Hmmmmm, quite cute, but every single sticker has a face on it, now that’s ok for the Santa and penguins, etc. but I don’t really like my holly or Yule log to have one too, a bit odd.
Picture 634
I must sound really grouchy, I’m sorry …..  The other set of stickers from Paperchase are “OK”…. quite cartoony, with a modern feel and I think I will be able to make some quite quirky cards with them

My Desk At Work

Just in case you didn’t believe me yesterday … I thought I would show you my little shelf next to my desk at work ….
My shelf at work
With Lord Sugar in the middle!!!
The top of my computer
And this is the top of my computer ….. with my lovely Poundland USB lava lamp!
My embellished glasses
And now something really silly ……. My eyesight is terrible, I wear strong contact lenses but need readers over the top of them to see my computer screen and to read etc.  These readers were from the 99p shop, I love them, but then I got to wondering what they would look like with flat backed gems stuck on  ……
My embellished reading glasses
My pictures are rubbish, but these are some of my most expensive gems in a pale olive green …… and they really twinkle! All the glasses need now is a bit of faux stitching!!!!! I really shouldn’t be left alone!!!!