Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Twelve Frames of Christmas – Finally Done and Dusted!

A while ago I set myself the challenge of making up 12 festive patchworks to put in the shadow box frames in my hall, usually they contain mounted insect jewellery, but I thought just for December they should take on a festive look so that every part of the flat is decorated, in as tasteful way as possible!  Kelly Hoppen would have a fit!!!!!!!
CHristmas Shadow Box FrameI got the first three done fairly quickly when the idea came to me, and then I left them, but I knew the longer I procrastinated over them, the longer they would mither me, and, if I didn’t have them finished and up on the walls for Christmas as I had planned then I would be really, really cross with myself!.
IMG_3689 So the other weekend, on my list of things to do, was to get another two patchworks sorted ……..
IMG_3691……. but after the first two, they just kept on coming ………
IMG_3692……. without me getting bored and impatient, which is what normally happens when I have to do something more than, on average, six times.
IMG_3693After I had got five done I decided that, come what may, all the rest would get done over the weekend.IMG_3694It was an excellent way of finally using up all the small embellishments I had in my Christmas box.
IMG_3695There are repeats of the same embellishments, but by using different backgrounds I don’t think many squares are exactly the same.
IMG_3696  It was quite an undertaking, but they are now done ……. phew!
IMG_3697I just need to pack them away safely for the next four months before putting them in their frames ready for 1st December………
IMG_3698……. keeping my firmly fingers crossed that bits and pieces don’t fall off in the meantime.