Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tin Can Planters

This month I have been mainly collecting giant baked bean cans!
Tin can planters
The school kitchen must get through umpteen of these giant tin cans every week and after I had been talking to Marc about my plans for the bottom of my garden, I suddenly thought of all the cans that were being thrown away, when I could use them as planters, like the picture below:-
Tin can planters. 1
I could paint them, but I think for this first year and experiment, I am just going to let them age gracefully (as above).  All I am intend to do is drill a few drainage holes in the bottom and leave them at that.  My plan is plant each one with a lavender pup, which will hopefully attract the bees, smell wonderful and eventually create a supply of lavender for crafty projects when dried.  Well, that’s the theory. But is anyone has any other ideas for low maintenance pots, I am open to all suggestions.
I will also be packing a few of the cans in my suitcase to take down to Marc for his patio garden ….. and I’ll let you know what he does with his, when he has done it!!!