Monday, 13 October 2014

Tim Holtz Matchbox Die and Lindt Chocolate Bear Offer.

Following on from yesterday, I think the reason why I was so desperate to master my Stampin’ Up matchbox die (which I don’t believe was ever available in UK) was because Sizzix/Tim Holtz Alterations have also bought out a matchbox die and I was curious to find out what his tray looked like and if it was any easier to put together than mine, so YouTubed  it …..
329332Tim/Sizzix’s die certainly looks simpler …. it has corner flaps that fold over, rather than the fiddly perforated corners of my Stampin’ Up one and it has a small flap on the bottom of each side that hold the folded sides in place, where the Stampin’ Up one only has one at each end.
However, there is one big difference, it is an All Movers and Shapers base die which means that you can cut windows in it, but …………..
“Creative Note: All Movers & Shapers Base Dies are designed to work with Movers & Shapers Magnetic Dies to cut a window within a shape. However, when Movers & Shapers Base Dies are used without Magnetic Dies, special Magnetic Ejection Foam is needed to eject the die-cut shape. One piece of Magnetic Ejection Foam works on all Movers & Shapers Dies, no matter the design.
This special Magnetic Ejection Foam is available from Sizzix free of charge to owners of Movers & Shapers Dies. To get yours, please contact customer service.
Anyway, I have made a considered purchase (with foam mat requested via Sizzix), but as the die is hard to find in UK at the moment, I got mine from US via e-bay, being very, very careful about shipping costs ….. OMG!!! Mine might take a few weeks to arrive, but I am in no hurry as it isn’t for me, it’s a present …. but I certainly did not pay more on the postage than the actual item!!!!!
And so to the Lindtt Teddies ……..
chocolate teddyHaving decided that I wanted to make a lot of matchbox tree decorations this year, for my box in the staffroom, I set about looking for any special offers available on the 10g bears that I need, the cheapest I could find were at Tesco with a 50g pack of 5 bears for £3 or two packs for £4 – working out at 40p each (80p per matchbox), but I still wondered if I could whittle the cost down a little bit more………
Lindtt Teddy Bears…… and that’s when I stumbled upon the Lindtt website and found 100 x 10g bears for £33 (£3.95 P & P, which I avoided by adding a few snowmen to my order as well).  Now, it may look like I’ve gone stark staring mad….. that’s an awful lot to spend on chocolate bears, with my order they worked out at 33p each, but they are a quality item ….. and I am going to share a few with Marc. but, as there is always a very good “use by date” on chocolate, I am already thinking ahead, and what I don’t use for Christmas will come in very useful for Valentines Day, birthdays, fairing gifts at the start of a new school term and inside crackers on my festive table this year or as a dinner party place setting, so lots and lots of other possibilities to get my monies worth.