Thursday, 30 May 2019

Compatible Bandai Badge-It Refills

I had more or less decided that when the last of my Bandai Badge It refills was used up, that would be it, I wouldn’t buy any more as they are quite expensive and the machine itself would go to  a charity shop, Well, that was the plan ….. until Iris came over and excitedly asked to make badges for Easter, I explained that there were now only four left so we had best really enjoy them as I didn’t think I would be getting any more …..
……. but seeing the pure enjoyment of her planning what she was going to put in them(two Easter eggs and a bunny), followed by the anticipation of seeing how they came out of the machine …… aghhhh  my heart was pulled apart.  I could also see her being desperate to make badges for a few more years to come, so I did me some Googling ………………
I used to buy refills direct from Bandai UK but this source seems to have disappeared.  Original Bandai refills on Amazon and Ebay cost around the £15 plus mark for just 15 badges, that’s £1 each and to be honest no way worth it!
Then, I came across a pack 100 of what were claimed to be compatible badges for the Badge It for £25.99 plus P & P working out at £30.45.  Still a lot of money to fork out in one go but at 34p per badge it was tempting as they would last for quite a while. I looked up the reviews which were mixed, as always some saying they worked in the machine, others had problems.  It was a risk, but watching Iris creating like the best of them, what’s a nanny to do?
I ordered them and they arrived the next day, on a Sunday! I was so nervous when trying the first one out, what if they didn’t work?  They worked!  The pin, I have to say, looks much more grown up and “professional” if you wanted to sell them and as they  are sealed in the badge I would say they are safer.  I found that I needed to attach the pin to the base before I screwed down the clamp on the machine. I was so chuffed my investment was a success.  So it’s going to be badge making akimbo round at Nanny’s for quite a white yet!