Thursday, 24 September 2009

Card Made Using Punches

Picture 228
I won a competition in Quick Cards Made Easy with a card very similar to this.
The background squares are hand drawn and coloured using pastel Pro Marker pens. The shapes are  made using a variety of paper punches, I like to double layer them for a 3D effect and fluff them up a bit (but these seem to have gone a bit flat!). 
The tiny gem and sequin embellishments used to decorate the punchies are nail embellishments from Poundland, just the right size for very small work.


Merry said...

What a great card...really like the background squares.

Angie said...

love love love this card ... the background is brilliant ...thought you had stamped it,

Mole said...

That looks lovely! What did you win?

Kerry said...

It is fab. Well done.