Monday, 28 September 2009

Little Monsters Card

Picture 191
This is a simple and quick child’s card using Paperchase stickers.  The  handwriting is my own!
Writing letters at odd angles is a quirky effect that means you can get away with the text not being exactly in line.
One of my trademarks on my cards is three tiny dots scattered here and there. In a line of characters like this, it sort of joins them together, making the pattern flow.


Merry said...

Another wonderful idea....I can see where I would use this card a few times.

Micah said...

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Angie said...

So cute... Wow I love your writing.

Judith said...

I was in paperchase Tottenham court road yesterday. Its FANTASTIC so unlike any other of there stores. A whole 3 floors of heaven.
I got tons of those little stickers, so many to choose from. x

louisa said...

Wow! Love your blog - your handwriting is amazing , lucky thing!