Saturday, 7 November 2009

Christmas Cards Using Brads.

I am still playing with my brads. Because I have already had them for at least one Christmas I feel that they must be used now (so that I can justify buying new stuff!).
These are my last two efforts, the first one is way too fancy, I would say it is fiddle fart over kill!
Picture 009
Yuk! But I quite like the hole effect round the large scalloped square which I did with a very small circle punch.
Picture 005
I prefer the Father Christmas design, not so twee.
Picture 006


Ruthie said...

I prefer plain cards but actually dont think the first one is overdone at all - and thats coming from me who cant be doing with fuss and nonsense!

sh3ri3 said...

I like both cards aswell, i think i prefer the one with the doodles! your giving me some great ideas, your blog is fab!

misteejay said...

Keep the ideas coming.

One you know a supplier of "extra hours in the day" cos I am in serious need of some LOL

Toni :o)

Julia Dunnit said...

For ***s sake, slow down will ya? Even if I were able to reproduce your clean style, I can't keep up. I know the others say 'keep the ideas coming', but really, take a break would you, give a mortal a chance?