Saturday, 28 November 2009

Accessorize Stickers Christmas Card

Picture 255
This card is made using Accessorize stickers I had leftover from last year.  Though I am Accessorize’s  number one fan, I have to admit that this years stickers aren’t a patch on last years.
Picture 258
Nothing fancy about this design, just a simple centre panel which has been mat and layered on green and silver.  The stickers are stuck onto small square scalloped edge punchies.  That’s it!
The scalloped edge punch lay in my drawer unused for years before I discovered stickers like this, now it is one of my most used punches. The nearest I have found to it is in Paperchase for about £5.99.  I really should get another one as a spare because I would be lost without it.


Sheila said...

Hi Helen
I just found your blog today through Crafty Blogs.
I hope you don't mind me leaving a comment but I just have to tell you how lovely I think your work is.
If I didn't make cards myself yours would be just the kind of thing I would buy.
Love your little gift ideas too.
Keep up the fab work.

Ali M said...

Love it!!I agree,last years stickers were much nicer than this years ones!!

Sheila said...

Hi Helen
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your lovely comment.
I am glad you are checking out the links and enjoying them. Miss Cutie Pie is another site I have only just discovered and I love it.
Isn't it funny how we always aspire to other peoples styles. I would love to be able to make cards like yours too and your little gift things. My favourite was the little chalk board....oh how I drooled over!!!
Off to do some crafting myself now.

kacy said...

Oh Helen you've done it again! you've gone and recommended accessorize! we have one in our town that sells jewlery and scarves etc but they certainly dont sell stickers! i'm gutted as yours are so lovely!!

Unknown said...

i never knew accessorize sold stickers, its on the shopping list, lovely card x