Thursday, 5 November 2009

Christmas Card with Brads

I am struggling for ideas on how to use my Dovecraft brads. I think they are so lovely that the design has got to be very plain in order that it’s the brads that you notice.
Brad Card
I have fiddle farted with scalloped edges and the matching papers that go with the brad set but everything looks pants!
Brad Card 1

In the end I have used my small scalloped square punch and layers of russet red bazzill paper and silver card in a simple centre square.
To make the brads sit flat on the card, I have cut off the metal prongy things and put a small sticky pad into the hollow back. The snowman’s little face is so cute!


Ali M said...

very very classy!!i had looked at these brads and thought of cards but cant remember where i saw them..maybe I shall find some at the NEC!!!..xx

Happy1234 said...

Please could you tell me the seller on ebay where I can get monkeys like yours?? I have emailed you too :)

Carmen said...

This is lovely - I have some halloween brads that I haven't used yet for that very same reason.

Just spotted your Poundland motto - true, so true! I've had "come back later" remorse on so many occassions with them.

Angie said...

Great use of those brads .... now where did I put the ones I bought last year ??????

Merry said...

A great card. Those little scalloped squares are perfect background.

Rainmac said...

Fantastic cards, I love those brads x

Sarah said...

Just a little note to let you know I've mentioned you on my blog as a blog I visit often for inspiration. I might not comment much, but I do read a lot :)