Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Line Dance/ Cowboy Boot Card

Cowboy Boots Card
My apologies, I was trying to be too arty farty but have only succeeded in showing half a card.  Whatever possessed me to miss the top and bottom off.  I just hope you get the gist of what I have done! What a numpty!
Cowboy Boots Close UP
This is a large A5 sized card. The lettering is done using Papermania alphabet stickers and says "Yee Ha, Harry is 60 Today"
The boots are free clipart images, enlarged, cut out and then embellished with small plain stars, flat backed gems and faux stitching along the paler lines, then put on foam pads for a 3D effect. 
The background paper is from  Daisy and Dandelion, “A Winter’s Tale Collection’.  A few hologram stars complete the design.
I always use is a white linen card from The Papermill Shop because I like the texture and effect when it is printed on.  However I have to feed it through my printer very carefully as it is thicker than it likes!  (I have an Espom Photo R220)
My cards always have an insert in a light paper, usually white, but occasionally coloured because it looks classier.  If it is a large card, like this, I print a greeting inside. 


Sarah said...

Hi Helen!
Love the card, can you please tell me what card you use for printing clipart and things onto?
Cheers :-)

PS Love the blog and all your ideas, very ispiring!

Ali M said...

Great card..good idea using clip art!

Chris G said...

Can you give me some advice. There is a craft exhibition at the big conference centre in Manchester at the end of the month. When is the best day to go in your experience. Is it best to leave it to the last day to search for bargains, or are they available all through the event? I just wondered what you had found best when you go to NEC events.

Helen said...

Hi Chris
When I go to NEC Hobbycrafts I have to go on the Saturday - if I could I would like to try a Thurs/Fri as it might be a little quieter.
I can only speak of my NEC experiences - at the weekend I get there before the doors open, this gives a little time to move around before it gets full, by 11.00 it is gets rammed and every year I say never again.
I take a shopping list, as with so much on offer it is so easy to get sidetracked ....
I try to get round once and then start spending second time round!
As for offers on the last day - I don't know. If there is something big you want like a bigshot it is worth shopping round from stall to stall as some offer extras.
There are bargains to be had - it just depends what you are looking for.

Sandra said...

Firstly, I want to say how much I love this card :) .. wouldn't really have thought at looking at the free clip art before. Although will now LOL. And then next to say thanks for the Advice about the NEC - I'm hoping to go this year, and like you have gone on a Saturday before, but got pushed and shoved so much, didn't enjoy it. I think I'll try and go on the Thursday this time.

Paula Gale said...

yeeha - what a great card - and the check background paper - so apt -its just like you meant it to happen (Hee hee). You workspace is sooo tidy!! All my paper is from the papermill shop too. I'm one for looking for copyright free images when I need something different or if I haven't already got it. Some photo sites allow you to download some lovely images for free - but only the lower resolution versions - higher res you will have to pay for.

Great stuff


Tinkertaylor said...

Love the theme and following your tips I am now the proud owner of a large box of card, red and pink mini bull dog clips, the fine tip glue now I just need to get cracking thanks.

clare said...

fab card...great idea using images from clip art TFS x
thanks for posting a link to ebay re the bull dog clips...ive made a few calenders today(another snowy day here in so no work) using my wooden ladybirds,frogs and bees..after seeing your beer mat kick started my MOJO off...using thanks once again..will upload them on my blog tomo.thanks hugs clare xx

as for the NEC ive been twice now once on the Sat & once on the Sun..and i think both days were the same to me..very busy..the best time to have a good look round..if you got money left is..after 3pm..when everyone starts leaving to go can finally get to the stalls to have a good rumage around..and still pick up a few hoping to go on Sat in march this year...i mostly go cause its my only chance to meet up with my blogging i live in S.Wales.