Friday, 13 November 2009

Variations on a Theme

Picture 227
Picture 230
This is a selection of cards I have made using a pack of 3D stickers from Hobbycraft, (there are 2 x 4 designs in a pack costing £1.49), the paper I have used is Daisy and Dandelion Christmas Collection – Winters Tale.
 Picture 232
At the moment I am making batches of cards for work etc. so it is easier and quicker, to follow the same design, if it suits the embellishments.
 Picture 231
Aghhhh, you can see how fresh these cards are, the glue is still wet on the penguin one!

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Chris G said...

Dear Helen
As a new cardmaker this year, I really enjoy going each day to your blog to find out what you have been making. The designs you create are sometimes quite minimalist and others quite intricate, but always seem to have very clean lines if you know what I mean. They are very like the ones I would aspire to make. I am not a fussy person and don't like too many frills and flounces, but the cards you make give me plenty of inspiration to expand my repetoire. I can see part of your enjoyment is looking for bargains and being able to visualise their use. I think your blog is great and very inspiring.