Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Naughty or Nice Christmas Card

This couldn’t be simpler – and look, no mat and layering !Naughty or NiceThe stockings are from a pack of 9 from Papermania and the Naughty or Nice sticker is  from a set of embossed stickers from The Paper Loft called Flip Flops, but I haven’t got a clue where I got them from -  E-bay probably.
I am not sure if this is a “top tip”,  but, if I am not sure about the design of a card I put it on the window sill in my craft room and occasionally take a quick glance at it, if after a day or two it “looks right”, it’s a keeper, if it still looks dodgy, it goes in the bin!
When I “bin” a card I always tear it up, this guarantees I can’t go back to it and niggle over how to put it right.

I have enough festive ideas to blog up until Christmas Eve, after that I would like to keep things going over the holiday, so I have put together a few posts about the tools I use, like my scoring boards and punches as well as a few Top Tips. Once we have celebrated New Year I will back to normal ....... a bit like Cadbury's I'll be starting Easter!!!!! -  Only joking!


Ali M said...

A lovely simple flat card extra cost to post!!
You saying you stand your cards on the sill reminded me of my card dropsie moment!I had made my Mum a beautiful card,a bit last minute and the glue was just dry when I put it in its envelope..gave it to her later and she popped up on her dresser and all the matting fell off!!I too now stand all my 'special order ' cards up on the landing window sill,away from my messy desk,for a while ..just incase they are going to have a dropsie moment!
Looking forward to your tool tips etc..!

Tinkertaylor said...

Fab card sometimes I think I just go overboard instead of keeping it simple. I use that window sill tip as well.

Chris G said...

I am another window sill user. There's a card there now while I decide whether I want to send it.

Looking forward to your 'tool' blogs.

Julia Dunnit said...

Back to normal eh? Yeah.
Well done Helen, great blogging - it must consume you!

Susan said...

I do that as well, not on the window sill, but put to one side and then come back to the card an hour or so later. It really does help to see something "fresh". I've also done exactly the same thing this week when putting up Christmas decorations (need to have a balanced looking tree!)