Sunday, 10 January 2010

Beatles Card

I am still doing the occasional personalised card as it’s sometimes very hard to say no to really nice people!
So, this is a card I made for a lovely bloke at work for his wife’s 60th birthday.
I found a cartoon of the Beatles as I thought it would give the card a more contemporary feel, printed it off and then added  simple decoupage layers for extra dimension.
Beatles 2
I used Anita’s 3D clear gloss finish to the hair, shoes and drum kit, again for dimension and texture.
Beatles 3
The hearts are punched out  of a matching blue bazzill paper
The wording took a little while to come up with , I looked up a list of Beatles songs and chose the most apt two.


qwiksave said...

Lurrrve this card, the cartoon is just brill too! Very clever! qwiksave

Paula Gale said...

this is a fab card and a fab idea - really inspiring and something different when you're not sure what to do for someone! Great project, well done! Paula xx

furrypig said...

That is so unique I am sure the birthday girl will love it.

Chloe' said...

Hey there! :o)

Just found your blog, it's awesome!

Love the card, it's fantastic (^_^)

Mumx4 said...

Love The Beatles card, just brill.
Oh & the baubles are in the sale @ ELC incase you've not been in.

allyf said...

What a fab card, how clever.