Saturday, 16 January 2010

Lucky Girl

Picture 010
This card was made for a very lucky girl who was given a yellow Ka car for her 17th birthday!
The background paper  is my own design, just lines of multicoloured Happy Birthdays.
I  printed the picture of the car several times and made very simple decoupage layers of the body and lights. 
The registration plate was also made on the computer then cut out and matted on silver card. 
The birthday greetings are made using yellow embossed tape on an old Dymo tape writer and the L plates are table confetti, matted on silver again. The card is topped off with a bow saved from Christmas packaging and would you believe it…….. a few red flat backed gems!
DymoDymo 2
Dymo tape makes a brilliant and different sort of “Greetings” embellishment , I especially like them on men’s cards.


Tinkertaylor said...

One lucky girl fab card and a matching car!!!!

mandy said...

i love your card... it's fab!

clare said...

Hi Helen x WOW..this is fab it.
And what a lucky girl.

Thought i would let you know,ive just uploaded my calendars using the wooden bee's,frogs & ladybirds that has been in my stash for ages..and then seeing yours..gave me the idea to use them...thanks so much hun xx

p.s ive also given a little plug on my blog about yours and monkey..hope you dont mind hugs clare xx hope you have a lovely weekend xx

lindschick said...

What a lovely card, she is a lucky girl.

lindschick said...
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Linda Elbourne said...

Very lucky girl ... a great card to match X

Paula Gale said...

this is a great card - i was once asked to do a yellow labourgini (i don't think I've spelt that right)for a 50th birthday!!! It's amazing how resourcefukl we can be when the images are not readily available - great card and very lucky girl - for more that one reason!!


Merry said...

Oh I so love this card. This would be perfect for my son at the beginning of March...thanks for the inspiration.