Saturday, 30 January 2010

What’s In The Shops Saturday!

I can’t promise that this is a post I will do every week but everyone seemed to love my shopping goodies the other week, so I hope to add an extra post on the days when I spot  something of a crafty nature when I am out  and about.
Yesterday my friend and I popped to Sainsbury’s and I found these sticker packs on the girls jewellery stand.
Picture 084
They cost £1.50 a packet, and I reckon I can get least 4 cards from each pack if I use my 9 square design.  I wish there were a few more of the cake with the candle on as that would make a brilliant centre piece to each card.
Picture 089
I am off to Penkridge Market in a little while, I wonder what I will find there …….
Picture 023
When I made these heart things the other night I was so excited, but then thought, what the hell can I do with them! Then it came to me, fridge magnets! 


twiggypeasticks said...

Wow they are really cute. I love the heart they will look great on magnets.
Twiggy x

qwiksave said...

You're right Helen, we love your blogging your shopping - those stickers look scrummy! I much prefer looking at all the stationery goodies in Sainsburys rather than the boring food! lol, qwiksave

Rainmac said...

Fab stickers and I love those dinky hearts x