Saturday, 23 January 2010

What’s In The Shops This Week

I thought I would add an extra post today to show you my latest shopping “finds” which hopefully, I can use in projects in the next week or so. 
Poundland cookie cutters – I was thinking I could use my Cropodile and put an eyelet on  each side of each cutter and then string them together to make a little banner or perhaps spray/paint them in cream so they have a shabby chic look and stick them on a plaque. …….
Also from Poundland, magnets, not such a good buy I don’t think, but I’ll leave them on my desk and have a think about what I could make with them.
Tokens 3
Chocolate Tokens from Home Bargains – 39p for a bag of 9.  I might put these in a decorated shaker box. 
I have tried the chocolate - not bad, but not Cadbury's if you know what I mean!
Hobbycraft bags
Hobbycrafts – buy one get one free - £1.99 for the two.
M & S bunnies
Marks and Spencers chocolate bunnies – “buy 5 pay for 4” so that works out at £3.98 (I think there are about 12 bunnies in a net) – I shall make sweetie bags with these and add punched heart sprinkles, using papers that match the hearts on the bunnies tummies.


Ali M said...

Do you like shopping as much as you like fiddle farting??LOL!
What great buys...I wish I was going to Shrewsbury today(poundland and home bargains we do have..but no hoobycraft unfortunately!!)
..maybe shopping next week!!
Note to self..make a list first!!

qwiksave said...

I love shopping - almost as much as crafting. I've adopted what you do, buy things cheaply and try to work out what crafty thing I can do with it. I particularly like the variety in charity shops, you never know what you'll find.

Jo Power said...

I like those cookie cutters they are so cute, and your bunnies are adorable. xx

Carmen said...

The cookie cutters are just brilliant, will be looking forward to seeing what they turn into :)

Rainmac said...

A brilliant array of goodies, I'd love a shopping trip with you x

twiggypeasticks said...

Some great finds there !!
Twiggy x

Tinkertaylor said...

Great bargains, love the cutters

Merry said...

Oh I can't wait to see what projects this little collection brings. They all look like so much fun.

Julia Dunnit said...

Or how about using the cutters for Fimo and making thebanners from that? They're lovely. We don't have a poundland. Am jealous again.

furrypig said...

Ooh I am gonna have to visit £land this week me thinks Love those cookie cutters!

Butterfly-Meadow said...

also got these cookie cutters the other day altho I was just gonna cut cookies with them!!! Might have to go back and get some to 'fiddle-fart' with now!!!

Tracey and Paul said...

just have to correct something , I thought I was right but double checked on Sunday , the little red bags with the hearts on from hobbycraft are actually 99p at the moment ( 26.1.10 ) buy one get one free