Wednesday, 27 January 2010

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

I try to tidy my desk each evening after I have finished fiddling, because time is short and I don’t want have to tidy up before I can get cracking  again when I get home from work the following day (if that makes sense).

So I tend to leave a few things out that I can think about during the day and then tackle when I get home.

Picture 001

Packs of 4 sweetie jars are now in Poundworld in Wolverhampton – that’s 25p each – brilliant.  I am thinking of making a few “Birthday Bean” jars.

Picture 005

You will see that the white mug is still on my desk from the other week, still waiting to be painted and it has now been joined by a bean tin that I am hoping to turn into a new pen holder with the aid of my crop-o-dile.

Picture 007

I have put very small brooch fasteners on these wooden heart and star embellishments.  Its very tempting to stick something else on them but I am going to leave them plain and see how they go.

Picture 010

These glass hearts were a bit of an indulgence at £2.50, but I have some tiny weeny organza bags that I can just fit one in with a little handwritten note for friends on Valentines Day …… watch this space …….

Shopping …… I have an hour for lunch, in that time I can just get in and out of  Wolverhampton on the 501 bus, and then blitz Poundland and Poundworld once a week.  On a Friday I finish at 4.30  so I get a bit longer after work!  Just call me “flash” !!!!!


twiggypeasticks said...

You have some very inspiring ideas lady. I love the fact you do them on a budget, now that is true creativity. Keep up the good work :)
twiggy x

Julia Dunnit said...

'Flash'? More like 'amazing'! Your desk is always clean....I mean clean as in no dust, spills, ink says a lot about you I think. Just gonna go and look you up!

Ali said...

Where do you get your energy from!! lovely little purchases there!!

Janie said...

How do you manage to create something new nearly every day? I think you must be the pound land queen too, I must get in there more as you find fab things:)