Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate

Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate
After Snowman Soup at Christmas I decided to do the same sort of thing for Easter – using a sachet of hot chocolate, an Easter chocolate lolly (Somerfield – 4 for £1) as a stirrer and some rather lovely coloured marshmallows, my sister found me.
Easter Bunny Hot Chocolate Poem
The poem is a joint effort between my sister and I, not Shakespeare I know – but it suits the purpose.  However if anyone comes up with anything else, could they add it to the comments box, then I will put them all together in another post before Easter for everyone to share.
The handwriting is mine.


Sarah said...

Hey.. Love these! And if anyone wants the lollies they are 4 for 59p in the co-op..

Karen said...

Another brilliant idea for my to do list :) thank you x

I have seen the coloured Marshmallows in Julian Graves £2.99 very large bag!