Saturday, 20 February 2010

I’ve Been Shopping ….

A couple of days a way from home ….. and lots of time for mooching…..
So from Paperchase ….
Picture 073 Picture 075
Picture 077 Picture 079
Picture 081
All £1 a packet – they are small, but ideal for when I make a card using nine small square punchies.
I am not sure what I am going to do with the Bear Hug stickers yet – they might be good on Hug in a Mug hot chocolate packs.
I want to try the butterflies on my glass pendants as they are transparent.
From Accessorize ….. at £1.75 a packet …
Picture 082
The dolls are soooooo sweet – and I thought the hearts in this pack would make brilliant noses for Easter Bunnies.
I couldn’t resist getting another packet of the bird stickers as I have had some new ideas on how to use them……
Then on to Primark ……..
Picture 085 Picture 088
These earrings were £2, but I got 18 embellishments from them, the photo doesn’t do justice to the very sparkly jewel in the centre.  I know its a long way off – but my immediate thought was snowflakes……
Picture 099 Picture 100
These cute sweeties are from Poundland – I think I will put two in a sweetie bag with a cute bunny topper.
This nest is from Hobbycrafts - £1.99 – aint got a clue what to do with it ….. think I might just put some blue mini eggs in it and keep it on my shelf and see what they hatch into!
Picture 092
This is just pure indulgence from Harriet and Dee, a shop in Chester – when/if I have a crafty stall in the summer my braclets will look lovely hanging from it. (£5)


Ali said...

Lovely things there - but my favourite is definately the tree its gorgeous!

Simone said...

You do have an eye for a bargain and come up with some great ideas such as dismantling the earrings!

Angie said...

I marvel at how your brain works when you spy and buy things. I think I will look at dangly earrings in a totally new light ....brilliant. If you had bought the resuling embelishments you would have paid £12 upwards I fear.
I have probably missed, in an earlier post, what you do with all your packs and cards but I am really curious ....well nosey LOL

Paula Gale said...

Wow Helen - I love the stickers and CANNOT wait for you to do some of those glass pendants. I fancy a go at them myself so wait with baited breath so see how yours turn out.

Paula x x x

Tinkertaylor said...

From your previous inspiration(Primark butterflies) I too have bought those dangly earings. Great minds think alike. I've used one on an art deco card will blog later

sh3ri3 said...

Wow, love the tree - i need to come shopping with you!!

I have the bear hug stickers, sooo cute Xx

sh3ri3 said...

Wow, love the tree - i need to come shopping with you!!

I have the bear hug stickers, sooo cute Xx

Samm said...

Love it all....the tree is fabby!


JAN said...

fantastic shopping haul

clare said...

great bargain hunting again love what you've bought but my fav has got to be that gorgeous tree..i was hunting high & low for somthing like that at xmas time for my xmas craft hang my calenders on...but in the end i used a glass vase filled with willow balls stuck some twigs in and than used some xmas battery would so love this tree..and im sure hun if you do a summer fair your bracelets will look gorgeous on it.
TFS hugs clare xx

Fluffy said...

Oh wow would love one of those trees in my new craftroom - can you see my green eyed envy? LOL
Tracee x