Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hug in A Mug and Lovebug Treat Bags

Yesterday was a weird Saturday, nothing came out as I planned and my head felt like it was full of cotton wool. I fiddle farted around with these ideas for ages, nothing looked right, colours didn't match, embellishments looked pants – perhaps I should have a “what’s in my bin Sunday” because mine is full!
Hug in a mug
Anyway, this is what I came up with, using sachets of hot chocolate, mini marshmallows and chocolate “Love Tokens” I got from Home Bargains  (39p) – the name “Hug in A Mug” came from my mate Lisa.

I am thinking, I might try the same idea for Easter - "Bunny Brew" (not really sure about the name yet) - at the moment I am looking for chocolate Easter lollies to use as stirrers.
Hug in a Mug 1
The second idea uses caramel filled chocolate ladybirds I got from Tesco (£1.04 for 13) the other day.
Valentine Lovebugs
It’s an idea I’ve used lots of times here before, same old, same old, just a different sweetie and occasion,  using Nestablities Label dies to make the bag toppers.

WHAT’S IN THE SHOPS …………………………………….

Asda Chocolate Hearts
My sister found these for me is Asda – filled with soft chocolate - £1.00 for about 10 – not sure what to do with them yet ……


Bubbles said...

Lovely idea, and scrummy looking too :) 7 in the morning and you've got me wanting chocolate here!
For the choccie hearts... guess you could make something along the lines of "sweets for my sweet" or "my (chocolate) heart melts when I'm near you" making heart-shaped bag toppers. Or making little paper cupcake cases (or buying them) - I'd unwrap the chocolate and put a little sugar-rose or flower on top in a cake case - in a little box it goes and voila! (Card shops sell similar things for about £3 each!)
I could waffle for hours about ideas *lol*

Anonymous said...

"It’s an idea I’ve used lots of times here, same old, same old, just a different sweetie and occasion"

Yes, but I hope that doesn't mean you're going to stop - I love reading your blog!

Rainmac said...

Fab ideas!!! Hope you're feeling better today x

Paula Gale said...

more great ideas which I have already started to do - keep them coming and thanks for shopping again for us!!!

Paula x x x

Sarah said...

Great ideas. Has got me thinking about possiblities for easter

Tinkertaylor said...

The only idea that pops into my head for the choclate hearts is to eat them! How do you manage to have so many sweeties in the house without eating them? Keep the ideas coming you keep me inspired

Becky said...

Love what you have done with the sweets and the 'hug in a mug'. As for the hearts, yes, i agree with Tinkertaylor - eat them!!!