Sunday, 14 February 2010

Nothing Much In The Shops

I had a quick whizz around yesterday but all I got was three packs of A4 envelopes (10 in a pack for £1) from a stall on Penkridge Market (Staffs) for my mate Lisa.
I wouldn’t know where to start making a card that big!


Craft Fairy said...

Thanks so much for getting the envies for me, i didn't think i was going to find any after being ripped off on ebay!!! Lisa xxx

KarmaCraft said...

The large envelopes are great for making gift bags! Seal the envelope, stamp all over it to make a BG, tear or cut off one of the short ends, score a 1-inch margin around the remaining three sides (or any constant measurement depending on your needs) and pop it all out, fold it into an open-topped box. You'll have little triangles on the bottom to stick down... Bob's your uncle! :)

And that's what you do with a large envelope. :) Hope this helps....