Friday, 5 February 2010

Tree of Love

This card was a nightmare to photograph, whichever way I positioned it, it looked pants!
It is also the first time I have stamped straight onto a card blank, I just crossed my fingers and just hoped that it was centred properly and the image would be clear and smudge free.
I have used the stamp before for a post in December, I wasn’t sure if it would work for a Valentine as it is a very stark, but then trees are bare in February.
The stamp is by Art Impressions (G1277) and cost about £7.99ish.
Tree 1
The small hearts are self adhesive gems from Artwork and the larger one is from Papermania.
I have to admit I am still not sure about it …. I wonder if a smidgen of micro glitter on the branches would make it look a little more alive and magical.

Dunelm Mill Sale
I finally got there myself yesterday - there wasn't much left!!!  It took a bit to find the sale items, as  they were all mixed together in a basket shelf display at the end of the aisle and you had to have a good ferret around!. The only bargains I did manage to get were 4 packs of Making Memories alphabet stickers reduced from £2.97 to 99p plus a (non reduced) pack of A5 glitter paper for £1.99. But I hope everyone else who went found something!

White glitter card - what a nightmare to find - it looks white in the shop but when you get home you find that it isn't pure snowy white.  At the NEC in November I thought I had bought pure white, but it had a purplish tinge when I put beside my linen card, the same happened with Paperchase card, which was off white!  Lesson learned - I always put the glitter card next to brilliant white card before I buy it.


Sandra said...

oohhh it does work :) ... it's really lovely. Don't you just love it when you find another use for a stamp :)

twiggypeasticks said...

Wow that is stunning. Well done
Twiggy x

Hazel said...

Good to see the return of this design. I can see what you mean about it missing something, but like you im not sure what. Perhaps if you hinted a little bit of colour (green) at the foot of the tree, in my mind its just a stroke of green watercolour. Or perhaps write a small romantic quote below it? Or maybe a couple of birds flying in to land on the branches?
Hazel x

Wedgie said...

I really like this design, its so simple and I like that its just black and red.

Fab work.
Wedgie xxx

Carmen said...

I love it as it is. Very striking.

Madeline said...

Another great simple idea for a card, love it!