Monday, 15 March 2010

Button Bag

I have far too many buttons, but what should I do with them all?
Hessian BagButton Covered Bag
Well ……… I was given this bag a little while ago, I loved the shape and as the writing was only on one side I thought it could be covered up quite easily.
I used my glue gun to stick the buttons on as I thought it would give the greatest hold.
Button Close Up
It will be interesting to see how long they last, but I only intend to use it for my holidays and light shopping duties!


Jonah's Mama said...

wow, thats so funky, well done

resewn sally said...

I love it! I love buttons! You can never have enough buttons!
Sal. X

A.J. said...

What a lovely idea! I agree with resewn sally - you can never have enough buttons, but what on earth do you do with them all? You've solved the problem brilliantly!

Tinkertaylor said...

Fabbby, I too am a button lover must give this a try.

Di said...

Great idea. When i saw the thunbnail for this on my dashboard i thought you'd sat and sewn them all on! Di.xx

Padster said...

I love this - what a fantastic idea

Anonymous said...

What a good idea, I have several bags with "writing" on them, what a great way to cover it up!! I have been making knitted brooches recently and scrounged buttons off everyone I know, so now I have quite a few, I can't wait to have a play. Thanks for the idea!!
Luv L xx

Bubbles said...

I hope my mum never sees this! LOL
It is gorgeous though... were you not tempted to sew on all those buttons...?

WendyB said...

Brilliant idea, well done. Might have to have a go myself :-)