Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hi Ho Wolverhampton - Wolves Birthday Card

I don’t make that many cards for men, but when I do they usually have a football theme – and coming from Wolverhampton, most of them feature Wolves.
Wolves Card
This is another card using my newspaper design template and a bit of computer jiggery pokery using Publisher.
Exclusive Mick Mc
I’ve done a very simple decoupage layer to make the “exclusive” and Mick McCarthy's head stand proud from the rest of the card.
Wolves Logo
I have also done the Wolves logo in three layers, using Anita’s 3D clear gloss finish on the final one, to accentuate the Wolves head.


Di said...

Another great card Helen,Tom's going to love it. Di.x

Paula Gale said...

This card is brilliant Helen. I love these 'birthday times' cards you do.

Paula x xx