Sunday, 28 March 2010

Music and Large Flower Birthday Card

Aggghhhhh – it was busy – by 11.30 Lisa and I decided to go back to the car to chill! But like true troopers we went back to have another go!
We bought tons and tons of A4 paper from Paperbox with cutting boxes and bags on our various die cutters in mind – we had the stall number so headed there as soon as we got in – which was definitely the right thing to do as you couldn’t get near later on.
Picture 026
I bought several punches – these are two of them……. I was desperate to try them out, so the above card is a very crude trial attempt …….. I wanted a tasteful crumpled effect but got a mauled by the dog one instead – but hey ho, I think I need to use a softer paper.   If anyone can tell me how to make nicely crumpled paper I would be very grateful for any advice!
Picture 034 
I also bought a new set of Nestabilites, which I have used for the flower below – I think they are a fairly new design.  You can no doubt tell that I have been greatly influenced by all the crumpling and making of flowers ……… but again I need practice!
woodware punches
To make the leaves on the card I used the smaller of these two Woodware punches that I already had.  The design is really versatile for card embellishments.
Picture 031
I also bought several packets of spacers for the millions of flowers I have in mind to make, but I am a little disappointed because my brads don’t fit them ….. I think perhaps I should have looked at the brads on the stall too, as they may have been made to fit the spacers - I will have a look at their website.
I  looked and lingered longingly round all the Tim Holtz stuff and though I really love it all – it’s too far out of my comfort zone, I just don’t know where to start – perhaps I should watch his DVD's again and if anyone knows of any classes/demos in the Midlands area please let me know so I could try and go and start my Tim journey ……


Suzanne (SuzySnail) said...

I just found your blog through a link on ukscrappers. Have fun with your lovely new flower punches and nestabilities! Where abouts are you in the Midlands? Anneliese (artist Trading Post, sponsor on uks) does wonderful workshops using TH goodies. I've been to quite a few and am going to an alcohol inks one in April. They might be just what you're looking for.

misteejay said...

Sounds like you had a fab time and bought some lovely new toys.

Toni :o)

Helen said...

Hi suzanne - i am in border of Wolverhampton/Staffordshire

Marg said...

Hi Love the card crumpled flowers 'n' all. Can you tell me please what you use for your leaves? Thank you.

Di said...

Thank you Helen,i've got this flower punch and i haven't used it much as it's quite big. I never thought of using it as a main focal point, i'll have to dig it back out of my "abandoned" box.Your card would make a lovely wedding card. Di. x

Sandra said...

sounds like you had a fun time :) I'd love to see what you do with some of the Tim Holtz products, I think you'd have such fun and really create some fabulous work ... aawww go, on :)

Paula Gale said...

Hi Helen - your flowers are great - if you want thicker paper/card to be more crumpled, i understand you can wet or spritz it which makes it easier - although not something i've tried. really, i think the optimal weight for flowers with both strenght and crushability would be around a 120gsm paper - cheap enough in tesco's and superb for printing CD backing papers etc. although realise through following you, that you don't seem to do a lot of printing from CD's. still worth having though as makes luxury interts for cards too and punches well. sorry if you already know this???!!!

Paula x x x