Wednesday, 21 April 2010

What’s on my Desk Wednesday

I’ve been shopping again ….. and it’s a mixed bag today …
Poundland wooden beads
From Poundland – strands of square wooden beads – 100’s of them, I will undo them and make a few children's bracelets with some, and then use others to embellish the ties on tags etc.
Silver Cups
These plastic trophies are from the Tesco party section, I think they were £1.00 or £1.50, I have used them for “Office” competitions before and put the winners name or competition theme on the base using dymo tape.
Balls of string
I have a thing for string!  This is beautiful, I had to order it from the Traidcraft catalogue, but I can see it now on brown paper packages ….. with a kraft tag …. plain, simple and classy.


Angie said...

What a great find those square beds ...I am sure your £land is better than ours.

camcraft said...

Ooh some fab. buys indeed. Your poundland is most definately better than ours. I did manage to get some of their 'gems' sometime back. In the year or so since our poundland has been open it was the 1st time ever that I had seen them on the shelves. Love the idea of the trophies. Must seek these out, not seen them in our local tesco's. I too like 'string' SKS recently sent me some very thin string, the type you usually see on luggage tags, I intend using it on decorated match boxes.
Looking forward to seeing your finished projects with your recent buys :-)
Carole x