Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bargains of the Week …. from Home Bargains.

Baby Pins - Home Bargains
These are brooches/pins by Russ but only cost 49p each, they would be great attached to a card or tag.
Chocolate Footballs from Home Bargains
These chocolate footballs were 59p – I was a bit dubious about the quality but they are yummy!  I bought them with the World Cup in mind.
Home Bargains Gift Tags
This box of 50 tags and ribbons cost 99p. The tags are for putting on home made knitted or sewn items, on the backs there are little spaces to write the makers name, care instructions, dates etc. Quite lovely.


Paula Gale said...

wow - what great buys - i should get you to do my shopping LOL.

Love the tags - thats a REALLY great bargain!!!

Paula x x x

Caro said...

Omg - I have been buying those tags from John Lewis for about £9 - what amazing shop is this?

Debs said...

Hi I bought the same tags as these in H B but I had to pay 1.29 and was highly delighted at that price. Wonderful blog keep up the good work Bee and Dee

Caro said...

Help - what is H B - I would love to get some more of these!