Monday, 10 May 2010

Cakes on a Cake Stand Birthday Card

Hmmmm ……  I am a bit disappointed with this card – I was going for the less is more effect, but less isn’t quite enough, if that makes sense?
A Cake Stand Card
There is a suggestion box on the Quickutz Silhouette download site where you can ask for new designs, I asked for a cake stand, as they are so "in" at the moment and got one!
Picture 058
It does look rather stark, I wonder if it wouldn’t have looked a little softer if I had used puffy stickers instead of these quite harsh plastic cake embellishments and then perhaps  placed the design on a bit of mat and layering ………….

As it happens .... I put the card in my staffroom box and it was one of the first to go, I'm just to critical!


Angie said...

I love it as it is ...a different look to your matted ones ....less is more.

Darcy said...

I think the cakes are perfect, but I do think matting it would ground it to the background. I have the pouffy cupcakes stickers from paperchase and i dont think they would look as good as the ones you have used here.

carlytheprincess said...

I thionk it's great! Sorry to sound daft but the Quickutz Silhouette that you refer to, is this a similar sort of thing to a normal die-cutting machine but with downloads instead of dies? Sorry to sound silly but I am really keen to buy a Bigshot but this looks quite good.
Thanks x

Anonymous said...

I think it's just right, and as it was the first to go in your staffroom what does that tell you? It's lovely!

Luv L xx

Alix said...

yummmmmy i love this one!