Thursday, 6 May 2010

Daisy Birthday Card

 Daisy Card
A very simple card. 
Daisy card side view
I just love the effect of flowers on a background of printed words.
Punched Daisy Card
This took just minutes to make.


Di said...

Love it Helen. This is definitely a "you" card.The whole reason why i visit you every day is to see what you've done with simple elements. I suppose you're the cardmakers answer to the wonderful wife who can "make a meal out of nothing" LOL!

Angela said...

that card is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

What a great card, I prefer simple designs too.

Michelle said...

Hi there, I followed a wee link from The Sugar Nellie Blog to find you. I've had a wander through your posts and thought I'd write you a wee message to say how much I loved all your fab ideas! You've made some gorgeous cards and projects and I'll definitely be back to check up again. Thanks for sharing your fab ideas and brilliant bargains!

Louise said...

I love this design - like you say, quick and easy (but very pretty)!

Anonymous said...

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PepPop said...

Very stylish. Jaqui x

Pnkcoke said...

Hi, can you tell me what size does the scalloped square punch out?

Anonymous said...

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