Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Dandelion Clocks

I have been on lots of blogs this week that have featured photos of dandelion clocks ……. not to be outdone …… here’s mine….
Picture 177
They are so magical.
Picture 239
I have a BIG thing about them.  At the moment I am searching for just the right image to use on my glass tile pendants/fridge magnets, but so far nothing has been quite right.


Julia Dunnit said...

Have you seen the Penny Black stamp: 3140H Lace Flower, or less helpfully, Hobby Art do a really good one....but I don't know the details. However, you may not be looking for a stamp. In which case, ignore me!

Paula Gale said...

there is defo something about dandylion clocks that are so magical... I spent some time at the weekend showing 3 year old how to blow them and waft them... such a lovely sight to watch them squeel and enjoy the seeds flying off...

Paula x x x

tea_bag said...

fab photos