Sunday, 2 May 2010

Little Ali Stamp

I have had a couple more queries – the stamp I used in the “Little Girl Looking at The Mona Lisa” post is by Stamps Away - called Little Ali (D1114) – I got it from NEC Hobbycrafts show about 2 years ago – it is a clear stamp and would have cost no more than £3.00.
I don’t have a clue who made the black bird peel offs, it was an impulse buy at NEC Hobbycrafts in March – I wish I knew, as I would like to buy more! 
Where possible I try and put the name of the manufactures or where I bought the products but sometimes I use stuff I have had for years but just leave a comment if you have a query and I will try my best to help.


RosieB said...

Thanks so much for the info re the Ali stamp; I've managed to track the stamp down and its on sale for just under £2. Really pleased to get this, its exactly what I need for a card I'm planning.

HollyHox said...

I believe the peel offs are made for glass art and I have previously got mine from The Range store here in Hampshire or Hobby craft where I believe the company that makes them also sells alot of their stuff!
Love your blog, puts a grin on my face and I agree completely with your views on the awesomeness that is Poundland craftyness! =D