Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bank Holiday Car Boot Sale Bargains

The lady on the stall at the car boot sale couldn’t believe I wanted to buy this …..
2lb weight form carboot sale 20p
But it’s brilliant!  I’m trying to lose weight and 2lb a week is my goal … so I’m going to carry it with me EVERYWHERE ….. so I know what 2lbs actually feels like!  Oh ….. it cost me 20p!
20p wooden drawers from Craboot Sale Carboot sale wooden drawers 20p
These little wooden drawers set me back another 20p, I think I am going to cover them in a Kath Kidston type paper but I’m not sure ……


carlytheprincess said...

Great idea with the 2lb weight! Can't wait to see the drawers wjen they are done

WoodbankCrafts said...

Ooo...I love the little drawers, really cute :)

Suzanne said...

Brilliant idea with the weight. The drawers are cute - can't wait to see finished product
Suzanne x

sh3ri3 said...

Thats such a good idea about the 2lb weight, hope it helps you reach your goal xx

Paula Gale said...

what a good idea about the weight... at slimming world that have this awful 'bar' of simulated fat that is supposed to be 2lb... not good when you see it and you've just put it on though!!! LOL

Those drawers were a steal!!!

Paula x x x