Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Button Covered “Designer” Bag

What was commonly known as my shoplifting coat has finally bitten the dust, and I think the store detectives in Poundland had finally sussed me ….. so this is what I am using now ….
Bag decorated with buttons
If I see an old tin of buttons at a car boot sale I just have to have it…. but what’s the point in bringing them home only to put them in an even bigger button tin?
Button decorated bag
I’ve used a glue gun to stick them on and they have taken a right good bashing but after about three weeks of heavy use none have come off.
Buttons as a bag decoration
The bag is a Cambridge Diet bag (£1.50). It’s a lovely shape with long handles, just perfect …. I have been stopped several times on the bus and when out car booting by people asking me where I’ve got it from …. at least I can say its an “original”


Angie said...

love the design you have created

Suzanne said...

Love it
Suzanne x

Heather said...

I love buttons & this bag is great!! I will have to have a go meself now :)

Debsg said...

Wow. That's a lot of buttons. Gorgeous.

Lesley said...

love it, I too am a button freak and trying to find the time to do something similar - hadn't thought of glue gun though, was mentally preparing myself for stitching them all on individually!