Saturday, 19 June 2010

Button Covered Notice Board

Sorry about the wet glue, I am always a bit too eager to get things photographed.
Button Covered Noticeboard
I have too many buttons and have decided that I must use them ......  most of these came from the craft section of Home Bargains, for no more than £1 a bag.
Close Up of Buttons- Button Noticeboard
All I have done is cover the frame of a Poundland notice board with them using a strong PVA glue.
Button Noticeboard 2
When I had covered the frame once I added a few more buttons on top to give it a bit more depth.  I think I will keep the board somewhere safe and use it as one of my Christmas/New Year makes.


carlytheprincess said...

Oh Helen, I love this! I've got one of those plain notice boards waiting to be prettied up, I must try this! I've got hundreds of those pink heart shaped buttons that I got from a amrket here in Milton Keynes. I'm sure whoever you give it to will be chuffed
Carly xxx

Lou and Mel said...

Absolutely love it!
My daughter has just started painting her notice board frame when I showed her this!

Must get down to the Milton Keynes Keyes market like Carly. I wonder which stall she bought hers from?

Which Crafts said...

Ooh this is really pretty, love it, I have some blank picture frames that I might just have to have a go at decorating now!

craftymum said...

This is great Helen.
Did you go to Hobbycrafts this morning and get your free gift? I did.I think I was about customer no.30!
Love sarah XXX

Paula Gale said...

ooh - you do love your buttons Helen... is your stock never ending as you made that bag that had loads on... you must have hundreds of them!!!

Paula x x x