Friday, 6 August 2010

Golfing Newspaper Card

Golfing Birthday Card
I hope you don’t mind that I post so many of my newspaper cards, it’s just that I must make at least 2 a month. I wouldn't exactly say they were an easy option when I've been asked to make a personal card, but I as I tend to struggle with mens cards the format usually works well, especially when I have been given a few details about the person I am making the card for.
 golf card
This is what my printed sheet looked like before I turned it into the card.
Newpaper Golfing Birthday card Newspaper Golfing Birthday Card
I have used Anita’s 3D gloss finish for a bit of extra dimension and texture.
It's funny that although I use the template so much no two cards are ever really the same.


RosieB said...

I love seeing all your newspaper cards, its such a great idea because they're so easily customised. I pinched your idea for a card for my son-in-law who's a keen photographer and he loved it.

craftymum said...

Great card Helen
Sarah x

sh3ri3 said...

I dont mind one bit, i love seeing them such a great idea xx

Paula Gale said...

keep em coming - i've borrowed the idea once or twice so love to see your creations.

Paula x x x