Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Rubber Duck Card

Rubber Duck Card
Something very quick and easy today, bet you can’t guess what the rubber duck actually is ……. it’s a bathroom tile decoration!  I bought them ages ago, in the days of Woolworths.  I really, really miss their pick ‘n’ mix  selection, other shops try, but they are not a patch on Woollies.


Virginia said...

So cute and inventive - I miss Woolies I sometimes say I need something and start by saying Woolies will do it and then realise they are no more (well not on the high street anyway)!

Paula Gale said...

Brill cute card Helen. I'm just here catching up on all your posts as i've not blogged in a while - and your blog was a 'must visit and catch up' blog.

Paula x x x