Saturday, 26 June 2010

Stampin’ Up Birthday Cake Card

This is card made using a stamp from the Happy Moments stamp set from Stampin’ Up.
Stampin Up Birthday cake
I’ve kept things very simple,  I am just thrilled that when I use a stamp it doesn’t splodge and smudge everywhere. Planning anything too fancy always seems to end in disaster.
Stampin Up Birthday Cake Card
I’ve done the basic in colouring, using  the fine tip end of my Whisper pens, adding tiny weenie gems from a nail decorating set from Poundland, for embellishing the fine detail.
I have then mat and layered the design on  pale pink gingham paper  and silver foil card.


Claireliz said...

Lovely card Helen :)

RosieB said...

I'm new to stamping and I'm always amazed when mine doesn't splodge or smear! I love this card,the jewels just finish it beautifully. I bought some nail jewels last month and I'll be using them this weekend for my sister's birthday card, wish me luck! :)

patriziawithaz said...

A lovely card. The gems and the card used makes it even more special. I'm new to stamping too and wondered if you had any advice on stamping on the card you used or any other stamping info x

Sarah said...

Oooh, that's lovely. Simple, but nice! :)

Paula Gale said...

Love the image and how it goes with the pink gingham paper. I think this is definately more your style of card.

Paula x x x