Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What’s on My Desk Wednesday – A Poundland Shopping Basket …….

Poundland Shopper
This basket reminded me of when I was a little girl, I just couldn’t resist it, but when I looked closer and found that you could un-popper it, I was at the checkout before you could whistle!
 Poundland Shopping Basket
Then I got to thinking, I wonder what it would look like with ribbons threaded through  …..
Poundland Shopper 1 Bundle of ribbons
Talk about super fiddle farty, but once I got started I couldn’t stop, but, in the back of my mind was the thought that this could look really pants or it could turn out to be rather cute.
Threaded ribbon Poundland shopper Threading through Poundland Shopper Bag
I cut lengths of ribbon and threaded them through, gluing them on the runs with a very strong, tacky PVA glue which dries clear. The first section was the trickiest, trying to work out which way was best to weave the ribbon.
Close Up of Poundland Shopping Basket
I used a bit of extra ribbon to make the centre panels, and then glued on a few buttons, down the sides of the basket and on the woven area using a glue gun.
Picture 047Centre panel for Poundland Shopping Basket
How durable the basket will be remains to be seen … I don’t think it would withstand a heavy rainfall but  I intend to use it to carry my lunch and do nice dainty lady shopping!


Katy said...

Oh my gosh! I've been looking for one of these baskets for months!!! Love your ribbon woven look too!

manicstamper said...

Helen.....that is just so clever.
You are such an inspiration.

Kandi said...

Oh wow! That looks fab. I got flashbacks when I saw this I had one for school and it used to click your tights and skirts and your friends tights and skirts and your legs would get scratched, but I loved it.
Kandi x

clare said... the others i used to have a bag like this for school...and the matching jelly I see the jelly shoes are coming back now..seen a few girls wearing them in school.

You've done a lovely the ribbon you've used.
TFS Hugs Clare xx

RosieB said...

I really love the bag!

I just added poundland to the list of shops to visit on my trip to town tomorrow - my list also includes Accessorize and Greggs lol :)

tea_bag said...

Oh I used to have one of those I love the thought of you doing dainty shopping hugs alma ps the bag looks fab

Glen said...

Very clever Helen. You have a great imagination and give me lots of inspiration....just that I can't keep up with you! *Ü* They seem to recycle this style every so many years. I remember these bags too! TFS. ~Glen~

Lou and Mel said...

Inspiring and very lovely dainty lady shopping bag - dont forget to take your enormous bag too though!
Very clever idea!

sh3ri3 said...

So cute! xx

craftymum said...

This is fantastic. I remember having a bag like this as a child too.
Very inspirational
Love sarah XXX

Paula Gale said...

OMG - i can remember when similar bags were the rage in the 80's and i had one for my school bag LOL... I think they were more expensive back then, but everyone had one... Am i showing my age LOL


Paula x x x

lynmcf said...


Indigo Blue said...

I too had a black version of this bag and it lasted for ages and ages. We used to hang a range of novelty plastic keyrings which were also the in thing at the time.
What a blast from the past.