Friday, 16 July 2010

Another End of Term Frippery

If you thought yesterdays end of term idea was cheesy …. you ain’t seen nothing yet!
Picture 373
Before you sits a small slim bar of chocolate ….. (38p for a pack of six, reduced in Somerfield, with a sell by date of Dec’ 10)
Picture 381
I’ve covered it with a map of the world that I have printed off and then added a handwritten sentiment.
Picture 379
…….. There must be times when my friends must dread going to look in their pigeon holes!!!!
Picture 376
Back view – As my sister would say “You’ve got far too much time on your hands!”


craftygranny said...

Love em they made me smile.

Belle xx said...

this is such a lovely gesture!
what a great idea
belle xxx

Lynne said...

Wish I had a pigeon hole in that staff room :)

patriziawithaz said...

Exactly what I was thinking Lynne x It is the little things that count the most x

Alix said...

how could anyone dread suprize chocolate!!! ;0)

Tracey and Paul said...

have to agree if I found that in my pigeon hole I'd be well happy x

kelly said...

What a fab idea! Your colleagues are very lucky to have you x