Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Holiday Rock Favor

I'm sorry if my posts have been a bit "so so" for the past few weeks - a lot has been happening at work and home ..... but please bear with me ..... the summer holidays will soon be here and I have a huge list of ideas I want to get started on.

You know I have been dithering about my end of term tiny weenie presents …..  and I really thought I was happy with my bars of chocolate wrapped in a map of the world, well….. I have sort of changed my mine, because I say this box of mini packets of rock in TK Maxx on Friday …..
Candy Shop - box of sweet rock
And it was really what I had in my minds eye all along, but couldn’t find … so I bought them …. £12.99 for 25 packets (ouch!) – it sounds a lot – but it works out at 51p each – and the designs are so cute ….. I just love the bees!
Candy Shop Rock - small packets
I know I am quite mad - but I just love the idea of using rock as a start to the summer holidays type gift.
Have a Brilliant Summer Holiday favor
The chocolate won’t be wasted …… I have other ideas up my sleeve for them!


RosieB said...

I love this idea, although I love the chocolate wrappers too, can't wait to see what you do with them :)

Jille said...

Love the idea. I think I might hand them out at staff training tomorrow, might just cheer us all up!
jille x

vintagehearth said...

I love this what a great idea to begin the summer break.

Anonymous said...

what a fab idea

Unknown said...

wow - these are really colourful - and more you!!!

Paula x x x