Sunday, 18 July 2010

Little Princess Birthday Card

Little Princess card
I’ve used the Little Princess stickers I got from Poundland in Bristol a little while back.
Little Princess
I tried backing her on patterned paper but it was too much.  So I’ve kept it very simple, putting her on a white background with a thin backing of purple and faux stitching.  All I have added after that is a few tiny nail deco gems (also from Poundland) for an extra bit of sparkle.


craftygranny said...

Aww she's lovely. I have some of their stickers mostly animals though i think. She is really pretty .

elliemook said...

That card is lovely. Nice and simple but very cute

Tip Top said...

Ah, I love Poundland too! Have you seen the alien stickers they have?!! And the animals? Yeah, I'm addicted!!!

PS Found you via Lythan!

Paula Gale said...

this is cute - my niece's birthday is coming and this image would be perfect.

Paula x x x