Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What’s In My Shopping Bag Wednesday

Picture 270
A quick trip to Poundworld last Friday resulted in me  finding these plastic moulded stickers, Picture 274
I’ve been asked to do a few more children’s cards for my box and these will be ideal as they cover such a range, from mermaids and princesses to farms, trucks and dinosaurs.
Picture 273
They also had this set of puffy material alphabet stickers, I find some of the cheaper sets of alphabets only have one of each letter in a pack, there is an extra set of vowels in this one plus an extra H and N.
Picture 280

My friend Lisa (Craftfairy)  popped over on Monday night  with some Stampin’ Up stuff I had ordered, plus an wooden angel she found at the bottom of a rummage bin in Hobbycraft for 25p.  She said if I’d have been with her I’d have nabbed it, and she was right!
Picture 276 Picture 277
She also bought me some ribbon with French sentiments on which I am thrilled with and some candy bead necklaces for a girlie idea I am trying to put together.
Picture 279
I’d ordered a Stampin’ Up 1 3/4 in circle punch plus some ink refills for a couple of Stampin’ Up rollers I had for my birthday (but no ink)
Picture 284
Guess what I am gearing up for ……..?????
Picture 286


carlytheprincess said...

Lovely ribbon Helen! Can you show us some cards using the kiddie stickers, I'm always stumped with childrens cards

Paula Gale said...

I got the sea themed and the butterfly stickers when i saw them in my local poundshop - and thought of you when i bought them... and low and behold - you bought them too... i wish i'd have bought the other sets too... i feel another trip coming on.

Paula x x x