Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Beaded Birthday Card

Charlee 2
This was a nightmare card to photograph! I made it all in ivory linen card to start with but as I began to prepare this post it just looked sooooooo wrong!
All the pictures I took were pants, it didn’t matter how I framed a photo, the card looked awful, although in “real life” it was quite pretty.
I used an assortment of seed beads, pearls and stars to embellish the lettering, which I cut on my Sihouette.Charlee 4
Charlee 1
Sometimes it is hard to know when to stop fiddling – but in the end I had to just fiddle some more, and think, it’s much better in black!


tricia said...

Yep - looks much better in black. It seems more elegant than the ivory somehow. Maybe the ivory should have had a black outline around the letters to make them stand out more. Lovely design though.
x Tricia

patriziawithaz said...

I bet both are stunning in real life and I think the beads and other bling used on the lettering look fabulous - a great idea x

PepPop said...

I agree, the black is amazing. Do I want to ask how long it took to stick on all the little beads...? They look amazing. Jaqui x

KarmaCraft said...

Yes, much much better in black although I would have been happy to have received it in either case!!

I look at your blog regularly but I very rarely comment because all I can usually say is Wow!!

As such I have nominated you for one of those blog-award thingies. Check out my blog (karmacraftblog) for details.

Paula Gale said...

great card... I thought i was going mad and wondering why they looked two different colours - and thought your camera could never be THAT bad!! so re-read again!!! I must say that i liked the cream one (original one?) - but the black turned out ok too.

Paula x x x