Sunday, 15 August 2010

Cadbury Birthday Chocolate Bar

Birthday Chocolate Bar (1)
I thought I would make a few of these birthday chocolate bars to keep in my desk at work, in case of an emergency!
Birthday Chocolate bar (3)
I think I paid 39p for a pack of 6 small bars of chocolate, which was a brilliant bargain. Before covering the chocolate with a scrap of patterned paper  I folded and stuck down both ends of the wrapper so they didn’t stick out.  I’ve handwritten “Happy Birthday”, then added a few stickers from Paperchase and some small clear flat backed gems.
Birthday Chocolate bar (2)
That’s it!


Lynne said...

Easy peasy lemon squeezee. As I've said before.......why don't I work in your office? Thanks for this great idea x

Lesley said...

Love this idea and yours are so much nicer than those I've seen on US websites, may have to 'steal' it - as well as the other ideas I've 'borrowed'...

Lesley x

Paula Gale said...

fab. makes it seem so much more than a bar of chocolate.

Paula x x x